Nissan R34 GTR

RB26 oil filter block It’s an article about the oil filter block where the oil filter is attached. Under the plenum is located the oil filter block. On standard RB26 engine the oil filter block includes a kind of « water-cooled oil cooler », as seen in the picture below. The basic principle is that the body […]


Un article assez court pour apporter une précision importante suite à des lectures que j’ai pu voir sur plusieurs forums. Je reviens sur l’article Rendre conforme le faisceau de phare d’une Skyline R34 dans lequel j’expliquais pourquoi il fallait convertir le faisceau des phares avant. C’est valable pour tout véhicule importé qui a été fait […]


You may want or need an english version of the R34 user’s manual for various reasons unless you are confortable with japanese. Or you may want it because it’s required to register the car. I’ve never heard of an official Nissan owners manual as the R34/33/32 were only made for the japanese domestic market (JDM). […]


A quick article about replacing the cabin air filter in your R34. Choosing the correct filter The air filter is the same on all R34 according to rhdjapan and a compatible part number is the « AY684-NS002″ (which is the pollen filter, but there is also a charbon active filter). I wasn’t very keen on ordering […]


Some of you may already aware that Nissan has started its heritage parts programm last year where they restart the production of R32 parts. It was limited to small parts, hoses, gaskets. Production parts have been extented for R33 and R34 as well. The 25/03/2019 Nismo annonced the RB26DETT block and head are back in […]


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