Quick article about sourcing and fitting new trunk dampers. First two videos before/after. You can see the before wasn’t very good as the dampers barely prevent the lid to stay open but the new dampers are spot on ! Installation is straight forward with a 12mm ratchet wrench, some thread sealant and a F-clamp : […]


A quick article about adapting a keyfob from a late model on a early model of R34. If you have an early R34 no matter the version (GT-R, GT-T, V-spec, …) at some point you may want or wanted to get a new remote control. Saddly keyfob for early models are discontinued now. Fortunately keyfob […]


You may want or need an english version of the R34 user’s manual for various reasons unless you are confortable with japanese. Or you may want it because it’s required to register the car. I’ve never heard of an official Nissan owners manual as the R34/33/32 were only made for the japanese domestic market (JDM). […]


A quick article about replacing the cabin air filter in your R34. Choosing the correct filter The air filter is the same on all R34 according to rhdjapan and a compatible part number is the « AY684-NS002 » (which is the pollen filter, but there is also a charbon active filter). I wasn’t very keen on ordering […]


Why fitting new ones ? My car is fitted with OEM shock absorbers. I didn’t realise it until I saw the picture but the car takes some roll and it seats quite high : So I decided to replace the standard shock absorber and to go for new coilovers with adjustable height and adjustable damping. […]


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