A quick article about replacing the cabin air filter in your R34.

R34 old & new cabin air filter

Choosing the correct filter

The air filter is the same on all R34 according to rhdjapan and a compatible part number is the « AY684-NS002 » (which is the pollen filter, but there is also a charbon active filter).

I wasn’t very keen on ordering such a common part from Japan. I though it should be available from Europe. Well … it’s been a real PITA to find a suitable part. The R34 cabin air filter are share accross various Nissan models. But most of them are old or they were never sold in Europe. Except one : the Nissan Maxima (A33). So I search a cabin air filter and I found parts from various manufacturers.

Here is one from BluePrint : ADN12537 (dimensions are wrong on their site but the part is compatible with OEM part number).

Before ordering I disassembled (read below for disassembling) the actual cabin air filter and I measured them : 255x95x32mm. Here’s the trouble : the dimensions of the actual filter don’t match the dimensions of the filters of Nissan Maxima found from other manufacturers.

Hell …. best way was to search a  filter with compatible dimensions. I finally found a very good matching filter : 293x96x32. Cut to length would make it an excellent match and cabin air filter are easy to cut with sharp scissors. I ordered a Mann Filter cabin air filter as they offered activated carbon filter with polyphenol (extra filtering properties according to them). Reference is FP 29 003-2 but you can also choose a carbon filter with the reference CUK 29 003-2 or a standard pollen filter with the reference CU 29 003-2. The main advantage with this type of filter is to be very common and it’s used in Peugeot, Citroen and Toyota models and it’s available from many manufacturers (Bosch, BluePrint, …).

Below is a list of compatible filters you can get from amazon (the best bang for buck is probably the Purflux AHC261-2 at 13,99 euros).

Disassembling the cabin air filter

It’s a 30min job once you know how to do it. Be gentle to not break or scratch things. Six steps for disassembling :

  1. remove the glove box by sliding the clips toward the inside of the glove box and separate the glove box retainer
  2. remove the ECU panel : drop the plastic nut and pull firmly but slowly in the opposite direction as it’s maintained with two springs
  3. Remove the 6 screws and you should see something similar to the following picture
  4. remove the retainer metal clip (1) with a flat screw driver and slide the white panel upward (2) : you can see the two frames holding the filters
  5. remove the two frames, drop the dirty filters. Cut the new filters to correct length (I cut them to 255mm but 256 would even be better)
  6. when reassembling be carefull as some filters have an air flow direction. When facing the glove box the air flow goes from the left to the right
  7. install the filters gently in the frames
  8. revert steps from 5 to 1 and you are done !





R34 cabin air filter


R34 cabin air filter "FP 29 003-2"


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