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I didn’t a article about the Skyline but rather on a service that I have used several times with great satisfaction and which I consider to be a very good deal! Whether you order auto parts in Japan, or manga, or clothes, video games or stuff that can only be found in Japan, you also […]


I’ve had to service the gearbox recently and thus had to make an oil change. As many owners of a Skyline with a Getrag gearbox (same as the 6 speed Supra TT aka Getrag V160) it’s been almost impossible to get the recommanded oil. Depending the manufacturer of the car it’s Nissan Mission Oil BNR34 special […]


In a previous article I detailed the installation of new MeisterR GT1 coilovers : After I setup everything I wanted to remain close from original ground clearance (approximately 14cm). But the front bracket of the coilovers won’t allow this setting as they are too short. This meant the ground clearance became 11cm and that […]


RB26 oil filter block It’s an article about the oil filter block where the oil filter is attached. Under the plenum is located the oil filter block. On standard RB26 engine the oil filter block includes a kind of « water-cooled oil cooler », as seen in the picture below. The basic principle is that the body […]


You may want or need an english version of the R34 user’s manual for various reasons unless you are confortable with japanese. Or you may want it because it’s required to register the car. I’ve never heard of an official Nissan owners manual as the R34/33/32 were only made for the japanese domestic market (JDM). […]


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