You may want or need an english version of the R34 user’s manual for various reasons unless you are confortable with japanese. Or you may want it because it’s required to register the car.

I’ve never heard of an official Nissan owners manual as the R34/33/32 were only made for the japanese domestic market (JDM). Lucky for us a small company specialized in translation has translated the japanese version in english. And translation being the heart of their business they have translated many owners manual from japanese to english !

This is their official website :

Back to the R34, the manual cover all the RB variations including the RB26. You can get it from two different places :

You will also find R32 and R33 owners manual in both places :

Here are a couple of pages so you get an idea.

R34_owners_manual_cover R34_owners_manual_p81 R34_owners_manual_250

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