septembre, 2021

I didn’t a article about the Skyline but rather on a service that I have used several times with great satisfaction and which I consider to be a very good deal! Whether you order auto parts in Japan, or manga, or clothes, video games or stuff that can only be found in Japan, you also […]


Quick article about sourcing and fitting new trunk dampers. First two videos before/after. You can see the before wasn’t very good as the dampers barely prevent the lid to stay open but the new dampers are spot on ! Installation is straight forward with a 12mm ratchet wrench, some thread sealant and a F-clamp : […]


Je vous propose un petit article non pas sur la Skyline mais plutot sur un service que j’ai utilisé plusieurs fois, avec une grande satisfaction et que je considère comme un très bon plan ! Que vous commandiez des pièces auto au Japon, ou des mangas, ou des vêtements, des consoles ou des trucs qu’on […]