Quick article about sourcing and fitting new trunk dampers.
First two videos before/after.

You can see the before wasn’t very good as the dampers barely prevent the lid to stay open but the new dampers are spot on !
Installation is straight forward with a 12mm ratchet wrench, some thread sealant and a F-clamp : it should be long enough to slighty compress the damper. When the boot is fully open the damper remains slighty compressed. In order to remove it with damaging the thread you need to compress the damper and it’s really to hard by hand.

Steps to install :

  1. open the boot
  2. secure the boot opening so it doesn’t fall when one damper will be removed
  3. use a clamp to slighty compress the damper so the damper doesn’t put stress on the thread
  4. remove the upper bolt
  5. remove lower bolt
  6. swap the washer on the new damper
  7. put some thread sealant on damper end
  8. clamp the new damper
  9. bolt lower bolt first then upper bolt. The damper body must be attached to the lid.
  10. repeat steps 3 to 9 for the other damper and you’re done.

Below old damper on the left, new one on the right : same length and same thread diameter.

I didn’t ordered Nissan dampers. I ordered those from rakuten (two time cheaper than Nissan) and they work flawlessly : BNR34 damper set on Rakuten

If you search on yahoo.co.jp you will find another damper brand but feedbacks made me stay away from them as the pressure seems to strong resulting in a too fast opening.


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