You may want or need an english version of the R34 user’s manual for various reasons unless you are confortable with japanese. Or you may want it because it’s required to register the car. I’ve never heard of an official Nissan owners manual as the R34/33/32 were only made for the japanese domestic market (JDM). […]


A new article about how to convert your Nissan Skyline R33 headlights in LHD. If you live in a right hand traffic country in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Norway, …) you will be interested in reading this detailed article. It’s been written by David and it’s a step by step how to convert the headlights […]


I recommand you two books if you are interested in the history and the origins of the Nissan Skyline or you wish to learn the differences between the R32, R33 and R34 The first book « Skyline GTR: The Ultimate japanese supercar » : a really exciting book that explains in detail the origins of this car. […]