In a previous article I detailed the installation of new MeisterR GT1 coilovers :

After I setup everything I wanted to remain close from original ground clearance (approximately 14cm). But the front bracket of the coilovers won’t allow this setting as they are too short. This meant the ground clearance became 11cm and that was somehow no longer pratical. 13cm would have been nice, even 12cm but not 11cm.
I contacted MeisterR to explain the issue I had and it occured they already take care of that problem with longer front bracket on new GT1 coilovers.
All I have to do was to order the new brackets and they arrived fast. Here are the old and new brackets side to side (old on the left, new on the right) :


As you can see the new bracket is 30mm longer so it provides more height adjustment. Fitting is super easy (thanks to my impact wrench,a Makita DTW285 : 400Nm to loose bolt needless to say it’s on of the best tool I have for mecanical work. I bought it because I already have a Makita tool. Price is fair on amazon).

Once fitted it was easy to adjust the ground clearance to 13cm !

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