Nissan R34 GTR en

New wheels tested on the car as a second set for track days. Wheels are Enkei RPF1 18×9.5″ ET15 in bronze. This is a limited edition not to be mixed up with the standard gold color ! I ordered the wheels on Oakos and they’ve been more than helpful with me ! The good news […]


A small article about the front diffuser found on v-spec models and how I have  one professionally repaired ! This part is made of plastic called Polypropylene (PP is written on the part). Unfortunatelly this part is usually damage and it’s also expensive. My car being a standard GT-R it doesn’t come with the front […]


Replacing a cracked MFD screen on the R34 GT-R. Brand new Sharp screen for sale.


Small article about installation of bonnet damper on my BNR34 … You’re tired of the bonnet holder as I was you might want to fit bonnet damper. These usually sell around 80£ unfortunately they cost a small fortune for the Skyline. The reason why remains to be answered … I was lucky enough to put […]


I previously reviewed books covering the Nissan Skyline GT-R. I just discovered this morning another book related to the Skyline : Nissan GT-R supercar : born to race. Despite the title suggests the book focuses on the latest Nissan GT-R this book is all about the Skyline. From its origins starting in the 60′s going […]


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