In a previous article about the registration of my R34 GTR inFrance I explained why and how to convert the headlights of an R34 for correct and consistent low beam in right hand traffic (some say LHD ) European countries, unlike the England which is a left hand traffic country as Japan.  Because England and Japan are left hand drive countries they can use genuine headlight for traffic.

This conversion is most of the time called « LHD »  for « Left Hand Drive », referring to the the place of the driving seat. But it is not accurate because what matters is the direction of traffic (right side or left side), one should rather speak of conversion RHT for « Right Hand Traffic », ie driving on the right. More information here: (road) .

First a picture of the original Xenon headlights found on R34 GT-R and on some R34 GTT :

My first conversion to make the headlight LHD compliant :


Fully functional and compliant but the look  was  far from the original design. It gave some unfinished look. But I did not stop there …

I had a set of halogen headlights I did not use. I did this conversion to them (click the picture for full screen) :


Fitted on a car :

It closely looks like factory even if it was from halogen headlights. The low beam module is fully integrated. But Xenon headlights have a slightly different design and give the car a unique look.
Recently I have achieved the following conversion on Xenon headlights this time. I fitted them on a R34 recentlty landed in France (click the pictures for full screen) :

The original look is kept and the low beam is fully compliant for LHD countries and lighting is efficient : the beam is slightly higher on the right side.

This modification is available for the R34 GTR and R34 GTT. I am able to change the headlights of your R34 to get compliant headlights for LHD European countries. That’s required if you want to register your Nissan and go through « MOT » (equivalent of TUV in Germany or « CT » in France). And the particular and unique look of the Skyline is kept !

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  1. Hi,

    I hope you can help me with my problem. The police in my country took my
    number plates because I was driving with RHD Xenon headlights on my R34.

    If I want my number plates back, I will need LHD headlights.

    How much do you sell those headlights for ?

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